Hello Everyone,

I'm here to show you one of the newest projects created by Kommandant and me. It's a really simple, compact map for any regular or fun server. It's size is between small and medium, suitable even for 10v10 scenarios.

- Level design, scripting and asset management: Kommandant & TechBoy
- Omnibot waypoints and scripts: [eG]Pinn from eLemenT Gaming clan

Story behind the map:
- Real elements: The map is basically a training zone for the German special forces unit of World War II, known as the Brandenburgers. (Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brandenburgers)
- Fictional elements: The level design was based on the training zone from Ready or Not and a TDM map from PUBG called Pillar Compound.

A training zone was set up in an abandoned warehouse. Within this zone, Axis have three main tasks (reconnaissance, gathering intelligence and counter-terrorism) all while a practice unit consisting of Allied soldiers is also present. The training zone has 2 sections with different objectives.

Axis objectives:
- Gain access to the Truck by destroying the Shortcut Door (Optional)
- Enter the Archives by destroying the Archives Door
- Steal Documents from the Archives and Bring them to the Truck
- Destroy Gate 3 and enter Section 2
- Capture Gate 5 flag and construct the Command Post (Optional)
- Destroy the Transmitter Door and construct the Transmitter
- Steal the Explosives from the Transmitter
- Secure and blow up the Explosives in at the Sabotaged Supplies

Allied objectives:
- Defend the Shortcut and Archives Doors
- Stop Axis from entering the Archives
- Don't let Axis secure the Documents at the Truck
- Defend Gate 3
- Defend Gate 5 flag and construct the Command Post (Optional)
- Defend the Transmitter Door and the Construction Materials
- Stop axis from stealing and setting up the Explosives
- Defend the Sabotaged Supplies

Additional contents:
A really simple achievement system for players, who like challenges.
Axis only achievements:
Blitzkrieg!!! (Complete Section 1 in less than 5 minutes)
Enemy Territory (Enter one of the Allied Spawn buildings)
General achievements:
Vaporize (Destroy the panzer dummy with an explosive)
TOP SECRET (··−· ·· −· −·· / ··· −·− ·· −··· ·· −·· ·· / − ·· −−− ·−·· · −)
The Fool (Get caught by the hidden trap)
High Altitude (Enter the spectator zone)


- ET Mapping Discord: https://discord.gg/PZHTU6wSwH
- Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Pcc...usp=drive_link