Hello TrackBase community,

a happy new year to you guys. Since the Map of the Year voting has ended, we can officially announce the MAP OF THE YEAR 2023.

You have voted for a clear winner. Thanks to everyone who participated!

I don't want to keep it a secret any longer, so the map of the year with 32% of the votes is

Grotli Final

Congratulations to the map makers and the winner of the 150 TBP, 0r4ng3He4d!

2nd place with 24% of the votes: Erdenberg GA

3rd place with 18% of the votes: ET:L Braundorf Final

At this position I would like to thank every donator of 2023 and basically everyone who is continuing to support our work.
Thank you!

TrackBase wishes you a lovely & healthy year of 2024 with lots of good frag sessions.
Stick with us, a great year is ahead!

Your TrackBase Team.

The winner of the pre-voting can be found here