Attention waypoints 0.9 does not work with old versions


created by Thunder

****THIS IS AN ETNAM MOD MAP**********

bsp name:ho_chi_minh_trail
longname in server list: ho_chi_minh_trail

Allies attempt to get a truck thru the trail with supplies, Charlie wil do anything to stop them

map made in gtk radiant 1.6.4
compiled in gtk 1.6.4 64bit

credits to:
SD- for their prefabs ripped from original maps
2bit- for tutorial and prefabs
all other who have prefabs in this map that I cant remember
kic-for his trees (wonderful job kic)

And special credits goes to:

Axis Objective Descriptions

1 "Primary Objective:**prevent the truck from getting thru"
2 "primary Objective:**Prevent the Allies from building bridge1 or destroy if built"
3 "primary Objective:**Prevent the Allies from building bridge2 or destroy if built"
4 "primary Objective:**Prevent the Allies from building bridge3 or destroy if built"
5 "Secondary Objective:**Establish a Command Post."
6 "secondary objective:**destroy enemy cp"
7 "secondary objective:**build barricade1 "
8 "secondary objective:**build barricade2 "

Allied Objective Descriptions
1 "Primary Objective:**Get the truck thru the path and into base"
2 "primary Objective:**build bridge 1."
3 "primary Objective:**build bridge 2."
4 "primary Objective:**build bridge 3."
5 "destroy the enemy comandpost"
6 "Secondary Objective:**Establish a Command Post."
7 "secondary objective:**make sure to destroy barricade1 if built"
8 "secondary objective:**make sure to destroy barricade2 if built"

Omnibots 0.9 : https://hoj-clan.fr/omnibot%200.9.rar

Map : https://hoj-clan.fr/ho_chi_minh_trai...ints%200.9.rar