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// Barrocas_Base_b8 //

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EIKON [PT] aka Stop & Play (All players who tested and helped, and the admins, for their help)

EIKON [PT] aka Stop & Play

-->WEBSITES: (geral mapping tutorials) (help with bugs) (Tutorials and prefrabs) (tutorials) (prefrabs) (prefrabs)

-->And other websites/players...
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Change Log
8/9/2007 - New East gate to destroy
9/9/2007 - More obstacles (crates, etc)
5/10/2007 - Truck; stairs to the higgest part of the map
22/7/2008 - Beta 6 is out: with a lot of differences, after a long pause xD
8/9/2008 - Beta 7 is out: improved fps; truck with a new starting place; now allies need a cv ops or a engineer to get the gold
31/1/2009 - Some changes: New obstacles, some moved, and a new area, inside the base
16/5/2009 - Axis have new ramps to get to the top of the base, where they can protect the base.
Some changes inside the base, and some near the truck start point.
18/5/2009 - Some changes arround the Gold room
25/5/2009 - New textures
1/6/2009 - some little details fixed