HMS Superior Version 1.1

by star pusher 09/08

place the pk3 file in the /etmain directory

thanks for great models/prefabs:

Seafire Aircraft

dt_aa_mm misc models


thanks to:
the only true et server
I probably would never have made it without the great tutorials

id software
just wonderful that such a game is given out for free and then after 3 years even the source is released

suggestions and criticism


Allied objectives

1 "Main objective:
Protect the door generator.* Save the generator!"
2 "Main objective:
Prevent the Axen from attaching bombs to the ship."
3 "Main objective:
* Prevent the construction of the detonator."
4 "Main objective:
*Build the command post"
5 "Main objective:
* Prevent the ship from sinking!"

Axis objectives

1 "Primary Lens:
*Destroy the Generator, in order to receive entrance to the bomb deck"
2" primary objective:
*Place four bombs in the Shiphull"
3" primary objective:
Build the igniter. *Build the Detonator."
4" primary lens:
Build the Commandpost"
5" primary lens:
Play a round ship sinking..."