TITLE : Götterdämmerung
AUTHOR : Devils Right Hand
DATE : 08.03.2015

Release date : 26/09/2016

Version : beta2
Attacking : allies Objective
Timelimit : 45
Spawntimes : Axis 15 / Allies 5

= Changelog =

remove the radio obj

Goetterdaemmerung Beta 2

Map description axis "1944 the allies bombed our country that we move to a mountain near nordhausen inside there we produce v2 rockets to send it to the allies ." wm_mapdescription allied "Our allies spys have investigate that the axis continoud the V2 rocket inside of a mountain near nordhausen and produce V2 to launch them again our allies." wm_mapdescription neutral "1944 The allies are in germany so the axis hide there v2 in undergound mines and produce v2 rockets inside of a mountain near nordhausen ,allies spy investigate it and send a team into the mountain."


Allied objectives

1 "Objective:
Destroy the V2 Production Controlpanel that the Axis cant Produce the V2."
2 "Objective:
Capture the flag."
3 "Objective:
Steal the V2 blueprints and bring it to the truck near the V2 start ramp."
4 "Objective:
Destroy the Woodfence to gain acces to the V2."
5 "Objective:
Destroy the V2."

Axis objectives

1 "Objective:
Prevent the V2 Production Controlpanel the allies destroy it."
2 "Objective
Prevent that the allies capture the flag."
3 "Objective
Prevent that the allies steal the V2 Blueprints."
4 "Objective
Prevent that the allies destroy the Woodfence."
5 "Objective
Prevent that the allies destroy the V2."