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Thread: map Grotli

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    map Grotli

    Loving ET, nature and some fun.
    Mapping is fun to do, a lot of work and learning over the last two months.
    Any advice is welcome or what you think about it.
    Please don't blame too much, it's just for fun and the first time making a map...

    Join the Bunker4fun server and play, enjoy.

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    The Allies must blast their way through the Grotli tunnel and bring the gold back home.

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    Primary Objectives:
    1] Destroy the main gate.
    2] Destroy the tank gate.
    3] Escort the tank to the gold vault.
    4] Destroy the tank barrier.
    5] Destroy the vault door.
    6] Grab the gold and bring it to the Allied base.
    Secondary Objectives:
    7] Once inside the Grotli tunnel, capture the forward spawn point.
    8] Prevent the Axis from fortifying their position with a command post inside the Grotli tunnel.

    Primary Objectives:
    1] Protect the main gate.
    2] Protect the tank gate
    3] Don't let the tank go to the Axis base.
    4] Don't let the Allies destroy the tank barrier.
    5] Don't let the Allies destroy the vault door.
    6] Protect the gold.
    Secondary Objectives:
    7] Don't let them use the forward spawn point inside the Grotli tunnel.
    8] Set up a command post inside the Grotli tunnel.

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    Updates in Beta 2:

    - If the vault door is destroyed and rebuilt, allies can also use the satchel.
    - After the main gate there is a secret route to the flag.
    - Allies base little bigger.
    - Axis can go behind the gate at the Allies base.
    - Allies has a own vault to bring the gold to.
    - Moved spawnpoints more to the back.
    - Edited the green doors.
    - Planes flying over.
    - Can go a little more over the hill in part B of the map.
    - Tunnel connected in part B of the map.
    - Allies cvops can use the door in the tunnel part B.
    - Hidding place near door in part A, for allies to sneak in.
    - Added some hot meals, medpacks and mp40 to pickup.
    - Tank control waypoint fixed.
    - Added some trucks with headlights on.
    - Fixed window vieuw in secret room.
    - Doors to barrier bit moved to outside.
    - Added camera screen near the door to the barrier.
    - Trap added.
    - Tank starts behind a gate to give Axis more chance to build the barrier.
    - And some more...

    ================================================== =====

    Updates in beta 3:

    - Fixed landmine bug from beta2.
    - Remake plane script and sound.
    - Fixed stuckage on the tank at the end of the route.
    - Added Axis door near ammocabinet.
    - Planes flying over when Allies win.
    - Moved Axis exit for beter FPS.
    - Disabled smoke when tank is damaged.
    - Some more little things.

    ================================================== =====

    Updates in Beta 4:

    - Added some missing voice.
    - Thicker vault room door.
    - Vault room door starts built.
    - Tank barrier starts built.
    - Alarm little bit louder.
    - Changed the objective icon above the head to a gold crate.
    - Vault front will be removed when the tank entered the Axis base.
    - Changed some texture's.
    - Added some details and removed some other.
    - Added a extra trap.
    - Hunkmegs optimized.
    - +4 min timebonus when the tank entered the Axis base.

    Beta 4 with waypoints:
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    New version added, enjoy

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