Hello TrackBase community,

a happy new year to you guys. Since the Map of the Year voting has ended, we can officially announce the MAP OF THE YEAR 2021.

It was a close run and there have been a record number of votes this year. Thank you so much for your participation!

I don't want to keep it a secret any longer, so the map of the year with 29% of the votes is

ET:L Adlernest V2

Congratulations to the map makers and the winner of the 150 TBP, Dillerfrantz!

2nd place with 24% of the votes: ET:L Supply Depot 3

3rd place with 17% of the votes: Himmelsdorf Beta 6

At this position I would like to thank every donator of 2021 and basically everyone who is continuing to support our work. We have never been this close to our donations goal than in 2021.
Thank you!

TrackBase wishes you a lovely & healthy year of 2022 with lots of good frag sessions.
Stick with us, a great year is ahead!

Your TrackBase Team.

The winner of the pre-voting can be found here