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    ET Masterlist hacking and redirect fix for players 1.1

    ET master list is being used to force players to redirect to certain servers.

    Please use below patch if you use 2.6b:
    It will support both 2.6b and ETPRO.

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    Too many usings of fake server facades. As well when you are conect to this kind of servers is blocking you to go on another servers. You are coneccted just to one. You should delete this scammers from TB. When I have started again playing after 5 years break. I am connecting and see my old server running on master list. I connect and redirect me to fake server. Which one of clans using to get many players as they want. Or just using old server like mine which is not working from many years. Somebody think oh great I was playing on this server many years ago. Its good still alive. But no this is pathetic and shame of guys which is doing that kind of way to get players.

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    I can see that I am not the only one who noticed it.
    You can individually switch to another master server.
    It does not display fake servers on this master server: (option 2)
    The disadvantage is that it only cleans for you.

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