The North American Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory community for people who want to play competitively but also just for fun! Join us in pick-up games, scrims, tournaments, and more. All players welcome!

We've had a community going for a couple of months now. We started off with 10 people just playing for fun again and then grew this community into more than 100 people with scheduled Pick Up Games running on Wednesdays and Sundays. We also PUG during other days if there are enough people on.

Don't worry if you are older, new, rusty, or whatever your case may be. As long as you are interested in playing ET again, or advancing to a little more organized play, then you will fit right in!

For now we have a nice mix of old school players, current active players and even some brand new players who just started playing.

Come and joins us! Read the rules in the #welcome channel and follow the steps mentioned in there. Download links for ET and a working config are already in there. If you have any questions or want to help us out, you can message Ceres on discord: "Ceres#8262".

Frag Center Link: