Dear community,

Today I am announcing to you our beta program. TrackBase is seeking users and enthusiasts of its platform and supported games to join together in a team where new ideas will be brought up, discussed and realized.

I encourage you all to think of something that you would like to see on TrackBase or report things that shouldn't be kept in future versions.
As we are approaching our ten-year-anniversary we as TrackBase want to give back to all the users of our platforms who are still active after all those years.

What do you need to do?
* Join our Discord server at and/or text JoNny directly via JoNny#4423
* Visit our forums and create a thread in the relevant forum: TrackBase Bugs, Feedback & Feature requests
* Contact us via pm or email

I am looking forward to hearing your ideas and feedback from you!

JoNny & The TrackBase Team