hey boyz i post my map Matrix from the map competition 2019 on Trackbase,you can post any bug report feedback : discord Devils Right Hand#2240

matrix map movie

DATE started the map: 03.03.2019
Development time: 5 months
Timelimit : 45
Spawntimes : Axis 25 sec/ Allies 15 sec
brushes : 16923
entities : 1175

special thanks *

twt teuthis for support
twt mateos for support
macchute for help with scripting
kemon for hint support and spawns scriptz
WuTangH help with scripting at obj
TomTom7777 help with scripting at flagspawn change respawn time
native12 for making botz waypoint
twt ray for support
uje niek for support/feedback and beta test on server
Loffy for commandpost spawns prefab
http://www.alientrap.org for NetRadiant 1.5 custom
Simon O’C for tuts
Victor Karp for tuts
ets kate beta test on server
= Credits =
uje niek :cola automat prefab
kic :trees models
Avoc @ eft-clan.com : skybox
firefly : cloud
Devils Right Hand my own textures :matrix_banner/banner,matrix_misc/number_panel,matrix_Vending_Machine/banner/banner1

// Axis Objective Descriptions

Prevent that the Rebels make a commanpost."
Prevent to destroy the safe door."
Prevent to open the office door."
Prevent to destroy the office safe."
Prevent the documents where is the intels about persons from polemarchos who have the codes of the big server from polemarchos

// Allied Objective Descriptions
Make a commandpost."
Destroy the safe door."
Pick the office key and open it."
Destroy the office safe."
Capture the agents documents intels and go to the subway to the phone."

download: https://et.trackbase.net/map/7900/
screenshotz: https://et.trackbase.net/map/7900/