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    map etl_adlernest

    i mapped a et legacy version of pidginnest

    Version : beta 1.0
    Attacking : allies Objective
    Timelimit : 15
    Spawntimes : Axis 30 / Allies 20
    ================================================== ==============================
    = Changelog etl_adlernest beta 1=

    add new crane
    new Post cement
    new beds
    new terrain
    new lamps and lights
    new tank
    new et legacy barrels models
    new vent shafts
    more crates
    new cabels
    add trucks
    new grass/bushes
    new electric panels
    add doors at the bridge with windows
    new pipes
    new big spotlights outside of the terrain
    add a ladder with a room near the alied comandpost
    new doors at the electrics panels
    new furnace



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    i maked new beta1.1

    = Changelog etl_adlernest beta 1.1=

    replace trucks
    add .obj in pk3

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    fixed beta 1.1

    = Changelog etl_adlernest beta 1.1=

    fixed some line is missing in + botz


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    last try beta 1.3 out

    = Changelog drh_adlernest beta 1.3=

    lower the bushes hight,a couple from 1.2 to 0.8-0.6
    remove some crates at the door control storage,that players dont have enough space
    remove crates at deliver docs

    there was some problem with the map that some chinese report bugs/fedback to etl team and not the mapper who maked the map,so i rename it drh_ and you public the map as Devils Right Hand_adlernest and not etl anymore
    fedback for chinese, open the .pk3 ,open the readme, read the readme,post fedback

    download -

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