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    You're being very unreasonable nrgy. Ever stop to think that maybe that's why everyone considers your topic's a joke, talks shit, and why they've lead to you being banned from pretty much any active community left?

    Try politely asking questions instead of making ridiculous demands. I'm sure there was a point where players would have been willing to work with you to prove they don't hack or possibly help you in your conquest if they agree, but I'm guessing that chance is all but gone.

    Not sure why you've decided that any thought that comes to your mind or any words that come out of your mouth suddenly become the truth, but they're not.

    From the sound of it you're about to waste more time than ever repeating the same mistakes you've made many times in the past and the outcome will be the same. I guess you could start your own server, ban everyone you consider a hack, and pray to there's still players left to fill it up, but there won't be.

    Try starting your next inevitable topic with listening to others in mind instead of only listening to yourself. Bet it works out better for you.

    Best of luck in your quest for world domination.

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    first thing, that is positive: There's some guys using the forums again *yay*.
    But that's it.

    Sorry, I didn't read through all that. I've been messaged by nrgy too often in the past. Please, nrgy, refrain from texting me over and over again.
    All you do is accuse people of doing something, or not doing something.
    You're free to host your own server and ban all people you want.

    I'll close this thread now, firstly as it's not leading to anything really. Secondly because you guys can chat privately and talk about all your problems there *hehe*.

    If there are any suggestions for a future version of TrackBase, feel free to post them in the forums, create a new thread, or message me privately, via email or dicsord.
    I'm still coding and interested in the future of TrackBase and ET - even though lately I've not been very active.

    Actually, there's a lot of code sitting and hiding as it is unpublished. So feel free to tell me what you'd like to see before I'll finish things off

    Kind Regards,

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