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    [OFFICIAL W:ET] Discussion new rating method

    Hello raters, players and all other people which I forget,

    After all the problems that have been coming up we decided to retry to make it possible to do better tracking.
    Weeks have gone over with developing a new tracker which can connect to a server and fetch additional playerstats.
    We are currently still testing this new system, but it is almost ready for a full-scale test. With this new system we're able to read out the following (extra) data:
    Weapon (total) stats => HITS, SHOTS, KILLS, DEATHS & HEADSHOTS
    XP => Per skill: Battle sense, light weapons, heavy weapons, medic, engineer, field ops, covert ops & soldier
    Damage => Damage given, Damage received & Team damage

    Since we like our community so much, we decided to take this to a public discussion. What needs to be discussed is which value will replace the "XP", in this discussion it's NOT needed to take factors as how many + or - rate and map length etc. Just talk about the new "total point value" for a map.

    The old system will NOT stop running, but this new system will run at the same time, making a double ranking for the time being.

    Any questions? Fire ahead!

    Kind Regards,

    The Trackbase Team

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    How interesting! I only just now found that thread, sorry. Usually, I browse the main community forums regularily, but lately has been a bit busy.
    I'd like to bring the bayesian skill rating into discussion, that will be featured in the next Legacy release (2.76).

    Maybe that would be something of interest for you as well?

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    I was thinking of some improvements to TSP since quite some time.
    They will be presented to Paul and together we will decide upon a future version of TSP.

    Kind Regards,

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