Hello TrackBase community and merry christmas to everyone!

Now the time has come. You can vote for the Map of the Year 2017 (MOTY17).
Thank you everyone who has already voted in the pre-voting.

How can I participate?
Please visit http://et.trackbase.net/moty in order to see all suggested maps that are eligible to be voted for.
You can now vote for your map of the year directly on the map page!
Please note that you can only vote once!

How long do I have time?
The final voting ends on Dec, 31st 23:59:59 UTC+1. Votes after that won't be counted.

I don't have a TB account but still want to participate. How can I do that?
You can also vote for a map if you don't have a TB account. Of course you will then also have a chance to win 150 TBP.
With the hashtag #TBMOTY17 you can participate. Just name the map in your post and add the hashtag.
P.S.: Social Media voters are only allowed to vote once, and can not use it as a separate chance to win.

Why should I participate?
Well, since that's a serious question, here's a quick and teasing answer:
We're giving away another 150 TBP for one lucky randomly-picked winner.
Anyone can win. Even the participants using the social media hashtag.
P.S.: All winners will be announced after the new MOTY has been announced.

I thank you in advance for your help finding the most loved map of 2017.

/The TrackBase Team