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    FFA Frag Nights - Saturdays @ 7PM ET

    Several new players and some old school players are going to be gathering every Saturday night at 7PM ET on a silEnT server. Everyone's welcome to join us (just no trolling please).

    EDIT: See this for an update:

    There are people who can teach you how to play and how to trickjump! We have an etpro scrim server and an etjump TJ server as well!

    Server IP:

    For more information including Windows client download, Click HERE.

    Server Info:
    • XP Save: ON (unlimited/forever)
    • Slots: 32
    • Location: Chicago
    • Friendly Fire: ON (landmines cannot be triggered by team)
    • Automatic kick (tempban) for trolls who are shooting teammates intentionally
    • PPsH: OFF
    • Tripmines: OFF
    • Goomba: OFF
    • Poison Needles: ON
    • No pesky Medic restrictions
    • No canister/nade kicking
    • No Adrenaline
    • ETPro hitsounds
    • No custom soundpacks (only spreesounds)
    • No /kill limitations/punishments
    • No chat censorship

    Map List:
    • adlernest
    • beerrun_b7a_0331
    • braundorf_b4
    • bremen_b3
    • caen
    • dubvrovnik_final_1104
    • el_kef_final
    • element_b4_1
    • et_beach
    • et_ice
    • et_mor2_night_final
    • frostbite
    • goldrush-ga
    • industry2_final
    • italyfp2
    • karisah_te2
    • password2_v12
    • pirates_truck_var
    • psl_koth
    • purefrag
    • radar
    • reactor_final
    • snatch3
    • sos_secret_weapon
    • sp_delivery_te
    • supply
    • sw_goldrush_Te
    • sw_oasis_b3
    • tc_base
    • v2base
    • venice_ne4
    • Warbell

    If you have map suggestions, let me know on Discord.

    Some of the RTCW/ET players you may know who might stop by:
    • Aciz
    • Banana
    • Breadfang aka SP
    • Ceres
    • Demolama
    • Gretchen
    • keaaa
    • MuzTee
    • nde|hitman
    • Raider
    • sneak
    • Soccerkill
    • tAukima. aka ellen aka solysk
    • vorgue

    If you played DB, Overwatch or Paladins you may see some familiar names too.

    Most players on this server so far are new to the game, so if you're new or not very good this may be a good place for you to practice and learn from a handful of experienced players.
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    Ill b there!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dookie View Post
    Ill b there!
    Cool man. Aciz just got online on Steam and he should be stopping by too at some point but probably not tonight.

    Come on discord if you want, we haven't chatted in a while!!

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    Added a few things to make it more noob friendly and casual:

    • Colors white and red removed from bot names as it confused newer players
    • !spec command to be able to easily put yourself in spec and spectate a player
    • Automatic team balance enforcement via moving players to another team if necessary
    • In the past server didn't allow heavies and rnade until 10+ players. It's now 8+
    • 5 admin levels have been added and are achieved automatically via XP gain (levels 1-5)
    • Each level of course grants more command privilege
    • Levels 1-5 can play sounds (which ones depend on player level)
    • Level 6 is reserved for former ET and RTCW players
    • Level 7 is reserved for Admins
    • Level 8 is reserved for me
    • Bots do not receive levels
    • New spree noises for 10 death, 20 death, spree end by enemy, spree end by environment, spree end by selfkill
    • new first blood sound
    • new knife kill sound (replacing the goat sound)
    • added waypoints for bremen_b3, beerrun_b7a_0331, karsiah_te2, pirates_truck_var and psl_koth (last 2 may not work 100%)
    • PsL_koth spawntimes set to 8 seconds

    Come stop by .
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    Back in 2013, I setup a deathmatch free-for-all deathmatch server and it was a big hit. I saved those files and I've now setup another server just like it with a few minor tweaks to improve it. This server will be replacing the silEnT server and will be used for Saturday Night Frags!!


    Server Information:
    • First to 30 kills wins round (1 round per map)
    • Medic and FieldOps only
    • Medic and FieldOps HP: 120
    • Both Medic and FieldOps regenerate HP exactly the same
    • Medics drop 1 Health pack on death and FieldOps drop 1 Ammo pack on death
    • The only available items are: Knife, Single Pistol, SMG, 1 Grenade
    • Each player starts off with equal ammo (30/30 for SMG)
    • Random spawn locations (3 sec spawntimer)
    • No spawn invulnerability
    • Maps are modified with scripts to be more open and playable in deathmatch mode
    • No Skill Promotions
    • No Selfkills
    • Increased regeneration rate for Ammo/HP Cabinets
    • No weapon drop on death
    • Disabled ability to see players in Limbo menu
    • Prone delay: 750 milliseconds with 1 second of maximum spread after proning
    • ETPro style antilag

    • adlernest
    • braundorf_b4
    • bremen_b2
    • et_mor2
    • frostbite
    • goldrush
    • purefrag
    • radar
    • sp_delivery_te
    • supply
    • v2base

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