Hello community!

Today is October, 10th. It's our 6th birthday.

We'd like to thank everyone who is still - even after six years - actively using our services and functions like checking out servers in real time, their player's rating, using our minimizer, manage their clans and many many more.
Success requires consistency. That's why we'd also like to thank players who are still playing the old games like FarCry or Enemy Territory, and especially the clans encouraging us to do so.

Thank You!

Speaking of consistency, we're constantly trying to make changes which will make the experience on TrackBase better. It's our goal to give back to you guys who are using our site for so long now. Usually that's the point where I'd go and enumerate all the changes that we published today. However, today is different. There's, unfortunately, not gonna be an update today since we are still working on it.

Yet there's something for you today.
Did you ever think of how it would be having premium member status on TrackBase? At the same time you though: "nah, I'm not the guy paying money for stuff like that". Well, today and for the next week you will get twice the amount of TrackBasePoints (TBP) as a special gift to everyone donating to us.
The procedure is the same. Donate, contact us, get rewarded. Using the same email address on paypal like on TrackBase will get you the points even quicker and with less hassle, since you won't have to contact us and give us your email address and TXID.
Special offer ends 17th Oct. 16 @ 23:00:00 UTC+2

Again: Thanks to everyone who is still supporting us. For the next 6 years!
And stay tuned, there's gonna be an update for you guys soon.

All the best,
the TrackBase Team!