Hi there!

We have just published a smaller update for you guys.
It is pretty hard for us to maintain everything and develop new features for you since Paul and I have busy times at the moment and since we are working on a bigger update at the same time. That's why we have asked bossik if he wanted to join our team of TB admins. He's a great guy who's very active. That should give us two more time for our university and still you guys wouldn't have to spare support quality.

  • We have changed the long outdated xfire quickconnect icons with ET:Legacy icons which link to the et:// protocol now.
  • The map voting has been upped by another 2 options. So you don't have to decide on Good/Normal/Bad anymore.
  • Clan news: A bug that led to a blank page on clicking a specific news item has been killed.
  • Your favorite favorite server on the ET home page looks a lot nicer now! Check it out by adding one.
  • We have added two new APIs to our TrackBaseDevelopersPlatform. Go and check them out. (PlayersAPI) & (ServersAPI)
  • FC: A warning when editing your clanpage won't show up anymore. We fixed the issue behind that.

In order to support us in our upcoming projects and help us maintain the servers without having to use anything like Google Adsense, please don't forget to donate to TrackBase. We've got you covered with a gift everytime you donate!

Feel free to suggest new features and keep us informed about bugs we have produced.

P.S: Something I totally forgot: Everytime you vote for a map, your contributions counter increases. You can make a lot of TBP by contributing to us. User Ray has already gained 100 TBP with that.
So check out the maplist and see what map you haven't voted for yet.

Thanks a lot for sticking with us
/The TrackBase Team