Hello guys,

as announced on our social media channels we have a new thing to introduce to you today.
I hope you had an awesome week by the way.

Before today you (especially the server admins) had to check the whole maplist for a new & interesting map you'd like to play (or have on your server). This should change. With the help of our awesome community (that's you and me ) we want to rate all the maps there are on TrackBase. You can rate a map as good, normal or bad. This way we can build up a rating list just for maps. And that gives you an easier overview of the maps that are loved by all of us or the ones you shouldn't put on your serer

You can rate a map once and you can't edit your vote. So please don't rate a map by its name but if you really liked it or not.
The top three will be displayed on the maplist page. We are going to add an option that let's you order by most games and by rating in the coming weeks. Also we're going to add this new feature for Farcry and COD4, as it only works for the ET subdomain right now.

I'd appreciate if you guys take some time and rate, let's say your 5 most loved maps, and help us out with the rating. Because the rating list is based on your opinion!

Thanks in advance.
And hopefully you'll like this new feature! I'd be happy to answer some feedback.

The Trackbase Team.