5 years ago, 10-10-2010. I remember it as if it were yesterday. Trackbase was supposed to start and go live 20 days later, at the first of November. Instead of waiting that amount of days, I, as geek, kinda loved the beauty of the release date 10-10-'10. So beautiful, that cannot go without (ab)using it. It's really strange writing this as well. It all started as a test setup, and grew out to a serious tracker.

5 years have passed, we've had a numerous amount of staff helping out, handling people's questions, rate transfers and more. We will never forget all the effort our former staff members have put into this website. But what about all the incredible users of this website? There are so many community members that still help out every day. Adding map screenshots, adding map information and suggesting new movies. A big thanks goes out to all of you!

We've still got a lot for you guys in the pipeline and developer Jonny hasn't been sitting still around. You should definitely check out the new clan page and integrated clan forums which now exist. You may need to update the image to fit the new proportions though