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    An answere , please?

    Hey guys !

    I'm LuXor . Maybe some of you have already seen me in-game or on tb forum , here . I came here with a problem and when i tried to get an aswere , i was given none .
    I register a clan just a few weeks ago ( to be more specific on Aug 01 2015 ) and i had some members .
    A few days ago i recive some complains from one of my members that his rate was locked , but the problem was that it was locked not by himself ... . Is there any posibility that someone could stole a name and lock his rate? ... i have sent you guys a PM but noone answered

    Ps : i've been playing this game for a long time and i had my problems with some people , I'm not ashamed to say it , but never a problem like that and with no answere given .
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