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    [W:ET] Squad Registrations

    [W:ET] Squad Registrations
    Please read the rules BEFORE ASKING FOR A SQUAD!

    Rules for creating a clan:
    - The squadtag must have a minimum length of 3 characters
    - The squadtag can not be taken yet (this includes names used by clans)
    - The Squadtag need to be different than main clan tag ( different symbol(s) for example)
    - The squad will be assigned to a CLAN, so we need a valid CLANLINK.

    When requesting a squadprovide us:
    - A link to your current clanpage (squad will be assigned to it)
    - A playerlink (reserved) containing the squadtag you wish to register
    (if the one in charge is someone else than clan leader , more infos above in bold)
    - The squadtag you wish to register

    Since 1/2/2012 its NO longer needed to assign a player to the squad directly, if you are the clan leader/owner, you can edit any squads that belong to your clan!

    A little example :

    PLAYER 1 is leader on clanpage (ETCLAN)
    PLAYER 1 wants to assign a squad to his clan (ETCLAN) and he wants to manage it.
    What he needs to provide us :

    -Link to clanpage (ETCLAN)
    -Squad tag he wants to register

    that way his name will NOT appears on Squadpage , but he is able to edit it anyway !

    * IF someone else need to be in charge of Squad , then provide us a registered name containing the squad tag .
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