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    Triple Trackbase celebration

    366 days later, on a large imaginary island, somewhere in the blue ocean, a large imaginary cake was cut into pieces today and was eaten by the many imaginary guests. We are now online and running for 2 years, slowly moving forward to a more stable and feature-rich tracking website.

    With a birthday comes a birthday present along, this year no broken promises as we'll give you a REAL present! All rate transfers will be performed at 100% this week (so until Monday 15th October 23:59). This includes from clan a => clan b or playername => clantag. Make good use of it, it won't last that long!

    Looking forward to the future, we have many things in the line up as well. One of the first things up and running will be the competition system. A method to subscribe you and your team in a battle of heat. Not only Enemy Territory matches will be played, other games can be added on request! Also, if you're still having the most amazing thoughts about some features, be sure to let us know!

    Last least, we explicitly want to thank all people for still being with us today, the donators keeping trackbase alive, and a big applause for the fantastic Trackbase staff team we've got.

    Oh and hey! May we notice you on the fact that Trackbase has facebook?
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