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    Trackbase July Update

    As of today we have advertisements placed on Trackbase on the top of each page? Many of you will wonder why...

    At the moment, we have great future plans for Trackbase, to expand, to introduce new features and track more games as requested a lot of times. All of this is very nice, and we as TB team are voluntarily working to get this all done, so, why do we need the money? Well, unfortunately some parts of Trackbase cost money, like the server and the server hosting. Until now, this has all been paid from private resources but eventually they will dry up as well so that is why we need to go through this way.

    So, what happens with the donations? Well that system will stay exactly the same, but anyone making a donation will also get the same amount of money available for advertisement space! In this way, donators get some extra bonus of promoting there website, clan or server to attract more users.

    Besides this, we have also fixed several bugs like the server history for new-method servers, farcry got a massive overhaul of fixes and in the back end a lot of work was done as well.

    The next point of interest is server signatures, we finally got them! To find them, just go to some random server, scroll to the bottom and click the 'Server signature'. Here is one:

    And Farcry

    Any questions or feedback are welcome

    Quick tutorial available here : FAQ/DOCUMENTATION
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