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    [ALL GAMES] Server Assigment & Flag settings

    [ALL GAMES] Server Assigment & Flag settings
    Please read the rules BEFORE ASKING FOR ASSIGMENT!

    Rules for assigning a server:
    - The server must be assigned to a clan which has at least 1 registerd player

    When you want to assign a server provide us:
    - A link to your clanpage where the server has to be assigned to.
    - A link to the serverpage, so we know which server to assign to.
    - Tell us which flag/country we have to set .
    If your server name does include your clantag or clan name (that's the proof the server is yours) you can directly ask us to assign your server(s)

    But if that's not the case , we can not be sure that the server belongs to you and to avoid any mistake you will have to do as the following steps to get your server(s) assigned to your clan automatically .

    Get it done automatically by adding a code line in your server configuatation file!

    sets tb_clanid "<clan_id>"
    You need to replace <clan_id> by your own clanid, ( Check numbers at the end of your clanpage URL )
    Exemple :
    Here,Clan ID is : 2344

    So, if you (for example) set this in your server config:
    sets tb_clanid "2344"
    and restart the server, the system will automatically assign your server(s) to the clan with the id of 2344

    Note : If you have the wrong flag/country set to your server feel free to reply to that thread , but make sure you give us
    - the Server page URL
    - And the flag we have to set .
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