View Full Version : Link from player statistics to forum profile for registered users?

28-10-2010, 15:58

as far as I know there is no link in players' statistics page which directs to users forum profile in here. (Please correct if I'm wrong with this. :))

Could it be possible to add link to forum profile somewhere to statistic page?

Let's take my stats (http://et.trackbase.net/index.php?mod=playerinfo&idx=44520) for example:
There is "[R]" next to text "Statistics for player: |>B<|PuPPy". IMO this [R] might be a good place to be a link to forum profile if possible. Also there is the "R-section" in clan pages. If possible, could those R letters be links to forum profiles too? At the moment they seem to be just text, nothing special.

It's just an idea but I wish to hear what you like about it. :innocent:

28-10-2010, 16:50
I thought about it but the main problem is if it's wishful... Not all the players want to reveal themselves in-game.

28-10-2010, 17:36
Well, you are never able to please everybody. :) Is it possible to do if there are two options: 1) Show link to my forum profile. 2) Do not show link to my forum profile. As default setting it could show link but people can be informed to change this setting if they like to hide the link. :)

29-10-2010, 09:22
Yeah your idea sounds good , well just try to make an option on forum profile or reserve player name to link the profile , ppl can decide to show it or no (make it private)
ahah didnt see you put that idea first , well this should be used for other features in the future , now let's see if thats doable or not
Thanks for the suggestion !

7-03-2011, 12:00
Suggestion reported , we will see whats doable how to make it fair for everyone.
More infos should be posted on TB general news soon.