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4-03-2024, 02:06

Hello fellow gamers and Far Cry enthusiasts!

This March marks the 20th anniversary of the original Far Cry, Crytek's timeless FPS classic
that took the gaming world by storm with its beautiful graphics and groundbreaking AI.

And thanks to our dedicated multiplayer community, Far Cry is still going strong after all these years,
entering its third decade of online action and thrills.
Long live Jack Carver!

For us as a community, this anniversary is the perfect reason to celebrate the game that has brought us so much joy and entertainment.
We would like to invite everyone to join us between the 18th and 23rd of March for a whole week of festivities.
Participate in tournaments and enjoy one-off events and surprises straight out of the Far Cry universe!

The Anniversary Week 2024 will kick off on Monday with the three-day 2v2 Afterwork Cup and culminate in the Anniversary Assault Cup on Saturday.
All throughout the week we will play different game modes together and treat ourselves to fun fragging nights and brand-new map surprises.
Please visit our dedicated Anniversary Week webpage and have a look at what we have in store for you:
cup.farcrylraddon.de (https://cup.farcrylraddon.de)

You can also keep yourself up-to-date by joining our Discord community:
Far Cry 1 Multiplayer Community Discord (https://discord.gg/skcRngA3h5)

Letís reignite the thrill of Far Cry 1 multiplayer and make new memories together.
Join us in celebrating Far Cry and keeping its spirit alive for the next 20 years to come.

Have a look at our Trailer:


See you on the battlefield!
Your LRv3 Team

13-03-2024, 21:28
Sign-up for the Afterwork Cup and the Anniversary Cup is still open till Saturday, 16th of March (20:00 CET).
Don't wait too long or there will be no cake left for you! :)