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2-05-2011, 14:14
http://www.upload.ee/image/1302815/minimiz0r.jpg (http://txtr.ccafe.de)

The purpose of this program is the minimizing of games. This program
minimizes all games that allow to be minimized using
OpenGL, Directx 5,6,7,8,9 and 10.

If you got problems with certain games, found bugs or got suggestions about
making Minimizor better then go to http://www.idcation.com and leave a message.

Tested Games:
Enemy Territory
Enemy Territory : Quake Wars
Quake 2
Quake 3 - Challenge
Quake 3 - Arena
Quake 4
COD1 - United Offensive

Doom 3
Rose Online
HL1 /HL2 Engine games(Cs, Css, TF2, etc)
Civ 4
Starwars Jedi Academic
Battlefield 2

To use this program just start it up and set your hotkey, this can be done in the
options menu. When you minimize the game you can get back to normal mode by
pressing the same key or keys again.

Since version 1.8 it's possible to bind your minimize keys on Windows hotkeys like
ALT + TAB, the order to make it minimize instead of giving you the Windows
function goes like this:

Press first key
Release first key
Press second key
Release second key
Minimize detected.

This program has only been tested on Windows XP.

Minimizor, Copyright (C) 2007-2008-2009 Mathijs "Lightning" Hoekstra

You can change the Shortcut for minimizing.
You can set 1 to 3 keys for minimizing.
Automatic startup at windows.
Automatic switches to the right game when minimizing.
Support multiple games.
Changes screen to desktop resolution when minimized.
Cannot start when game is running.
Cannot close when game is running.
Now and then checks for new version on start up.
Change windows gamma and reset gamma on game crash.


Updated vers. 1.9 (http://securityy.se.funpic.org/upload/MinimizorInstallV1.9.rar)

6-05-2013, 13:56
Best minimizor in et.

Took me a while to find your root location, was wondering what else you had for et.
I was so amazed what I've found there, you can imagine.

etv explanations/programs, PB fixe(s), mouse fixes, nickname -color-french-program, 2.60b full install, Tzac fixes,...
And oh yeah, almost forgot to mention this: your(=>?) Trickjump hack. Didn't even know hacks exists for doing TJ on etpro.
Auto trickjump, must be hilarious.

Anyway: this minimizor is still the best. Had a few, but this one does the trick. Especially when you play with 'r_ignoregamma 0', the minimizor sets the gamma back to default when minimizing to windows.

2-08-2013, 14:09
Link is dead. Please update.

1-09-2013, 20:53
Link is dead. Please ....

"Minimizor, Copyright (C) 2007-2008-2009 Mathijs "Lightning" Hoekstra


|PX| Yellow77
27-09-2014, 16:57
I use the Minimizer that came with WolfET_2_60b_custom. No admin rights required, but you do have to start it manually.