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2-05-2011, 13:11
http://www.gzero.com/gboost/home_files/GBOOST_FASTER,SMOOTHERGAMING.jpg (http://txtr.ccafe.de/) http://www.gzero.com/gboost/home_files/GZero_black_tm_small.jpg (http://txtr.ccafe.de/)

A free windows game booster service that allows you to temporarily strip down your slowing PC to its bare essentials for gaming. This improves the overall speed of your game including frame rate drops and lag spikes as well as alt tabbing out of games faster and generally more responsive gaming.
This works due to your PC no longer having any unnecessary overhead running tasks not required whilst gaming. Helps your CPU, RAM and also your connection to the internet.
Return your PC back to its former self by either pressing the Restore button or it happens automatically on your next reboot.
Completely safe with no permanent changes made to your PC.


# 100% FREE
# 100% SAFE
# Simple to use - 1 click Boost
# No Permanent changes
# No Overclocking
# Smoother game play
# Noticeable Results
# No interruptions
# Reduces Lag
# Enhance PC’s
# More stability for your games

Youtube ::

GBoost 1.03.0 (http://www.majorgeeks.com/downloadget6725-1-9b78cd3713f1180ff24b755453b4b437.html)

26-05-2011, 20:13
this link is expired.i use game booster