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2-05-2011, 13:09
http://www.bdamage.se/img/GSthumb.png (http://txtr.ccafe.de/)

The open source project GameScanner is a lightweight, non-bloated and low-memory footprint free software for easy browsing of your favorite or any supported internet game servers without starting the game itself.

With just an instant of an click and you're away to join the selected server. It also supports features such as RCON*, in-game minimizing* (for fast and easy switching between desktop and the game) and keeping track of your buddies to see which server they currently is playing on. Integrated mIRC status messaging when joing servers.

Supported Games :::::

http://www.bdamage.se/img/image_start_games.png (http://txtr.ccafe.de/)

http://sites.google.com/site/louix94conr/downloadButton.png (http://www.bdamage.se/download/GameScannerSetup.zip)