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7-12-2018, 10:12

I used to play Far Cry about 10 years ago, maybe even more!

I saw the LRv2 launcher, and couldn't wait to get online.

When trying to join the game, I see a server list for LR, and there is about 7 servers, one of which seems to always have 6 people in.

When trying to join this game, I get an error saying that I'm not white listed to play in this server, please contact the admin, I've no idea who the admin is, or what to do, would really appreciate some help...

8-12-2018, 09:48
Hello z0li, discover on the forum that you will surely find, Buffy...https://farcrylraddon.de/

8-12-2018, 11:27
Hello z0li, discover on the forum that you will surely find, Buffy...https://farcrylraddon.de/

Thank you :)

8-12-2018, 13:54

About the whitelist (it's a new stuff in farcry that allow to the admins to do the filter to allowed who can join or not into their servers, the goal of this is... to prevent some kind of players, such as those that do crash the servers or use cheaters in game).

How it's works?...
Answer: Once you try join in a server for the first time and your GUID don't figure into the whitelist files then you will get auto kicked by the server game and then you will be auto registred into the unlisted players logs on the game server, until some server admin add your GUID into the trusted players list (whitelist), once you are in this list then you'll allowed to join in this server at any time as you wish!

* The server admins are always looking into the unlisted players logs, to see who is who and then give or not the permission to join into their servers, so... basicly you don't need do nothing to get the approval from any admin, just keep try join into the server after some (few: seconds/minutes or hours) to see if some server admin have add you into their whitelist!

BTW... I am one of the admins of the FWL servers... See you in battlefield! :D

9-12-2018, 17:23
Thanks for getting back to me :)

Is there a certain time that the game is active? I've tried a few servers and found 1 real player so far

9-12-2018, 18:06
Good evening zOli, players are rare, those who still play and are fans of FAR CRY plays late at night:bloshy: