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26-01-2016, 18:14
Hello FarCry gamerz! :)

The FarCry Era still continues! Now we remade our good old FarCry extension, XT.

Our new FarCry Extension LR, enables some well known, but also forgotten things.

1. The MapDownloading!
The Map-Downloader, the most important thing in FarCry, where to get maps??
Yeah there we go! We have made a MapDownload panel, were players can download over 250 different maps(At the moment).

It is well known from eXcaliTrone as the Map-Updater, but instead of Updating, it was made as a Downloader, which shows up the maps the webspace enables, to you.

Also we enable the automatic Map-Download when you get kicked, from the server. Well known as a small window.

"Do you want to try downloading the map?" That's the question Wink
Click yes! And try it!

If your Download was successfully, than reconnect!
But moment... I need to wait 5 min, because my CDKey is stock(Your CDKey is already in use).
No! Not anymore, you can directly reconnect after the download, to the server where you were playing on Smile

Thats it! Enjoy your game! Wink

2. Easy Panels! (UserPanel and QuickPanel)
Well known and still existing, our good old UserPanel and QuickPanel Wink
1r The UserPanel!
The UserPanel has get some small fixes, but not much, it's still like we remember it from our good old XT times Smile
You can easy change your crosshair type, and color, and also easy vote, and vote kick.

2n The QuickPanel!
There we go with our QuickPanel, which was also not much modified as well, it is still like we remember it.
Specially made for Server Admins, to controle easy they servers, and settings, Kick, Ban, Punish, Change Time or Teams, everything is enabled Wink

3. Unofficial FarCry Servers are Back!
Like we know, FCMP was very usefull in the old times, but FCMP is not anymore online, or in use.
So we remade the FCMP function, they are working over our web server, which enables the server registration, and makes that the servers are shown in the LR serverlist. Like we know from FCMP, CDKey and Ubi login is not needed to play Wink

Server admins can easy register they servers to this list, by Clicking the "Register FC Server" button Smile

Type the Server IP and Port, click okay! And your server is listed Smile

Have fun, and enjoy your game Smile

3. Multilanguage Function...
We have added some extra languages, english is not anymore the onliest enabled language, this means, that we have translated the XT and LR features to various languages.
We enable:

Go to the Multiplayer menu, select your language, and that's it!
We have also modified the Multiplayer menu of course Wink

Q: Where stays the current MapDownload Server?
A: Currently it stays in the UK (United Kingdom)
But, we hope to enable soon a multi Map-Server function so, that Clans can sponsor they own Map-Servers, for enable different countries, example Germany, America, Australia, etc.

Q: What is the Unofficial Serverlist?
A: It is a list of FarCry servers, which are not connected to the Ubisoft MasterServers, which means these server are invisble in the Ubisoft Serverlist.
Also, about the reason that it is not connected with Ubisoft, it is possible to play FarCry without CDKey, and Ubisoft Data.

Q: Why remaking XT, and why using it?
A: We want to re-enable a FarCry extension which you can use in your normal 1.4 FarCry game, which is not it's own Patch/Mod, which not needs it's own servers, where to use it on. This Extension, you can use it on every 1.4/1.33 server, it gives only the most important things to you. For us, the most important thing is, to continue playing custom maps!
We want to give you the easiest way to get maps on your FarCry, and this way, gives you this Extension.
We don't require anybody to use it, we want only to help the FarCry Community 2014-2016 to survive.

Bug Fixes:
We also fixed some bugs, the principal bug was the "CDKey Invalid" or "CDKey already in use" error which is well known in 1.4, to appear when you got kicked for not having the map, which the server is running.
CDKey Error: Status Fixed 99%

Your LR Team Smile
Visit our website for more information and clear Instroductions : farcrylraddon.de

4-05-2016, 08:40
well done m8. very good job!


27-06-2016, 19:18
Good Job, Krieger,that help me to download maps,easy and fast