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2-02-2015, 00:38
Hello players!

As of effective immediately, I will start off the RC Tournament sign ups!

Truth be told, we have been discussing this for some time, but as Operation RC Revival was underway, we decided to move it back some.
As the results are quite explosive for our server, we decided to start trying to make teams for our Friendly tournament.

Now, the actual tournament will not be before 1 month, maybe more. But in order for us to set things up, we need the most important ingredient to any tournament...... TEAMS!!!!!

Once the teams are set, we will discuss rules/gameplay....
We will also provide another server for our tournament.

Thus, to start it all, I will require your assistance!


The scrims will be at a reasonable playersize of 3vs3, BUT as we all know not everything is perfect. Therefor, we will request you to send us
a list of 5 TEAM MEMBERS, 2 will be served as backup if any of the primary 3 don't show up, OR to switch in between games :)

That will be the first step of putting in place our RC Tournament!

If you are interested in participating, you may form your 5man team and submit them to ME in PM or preferably to my email j.iaali@hotmail.com !

If you do NOT have a 5man team because you don't know many people in the game? NO PROBLEM!!
Reply to this post or email me with the fact that you would like to participate, and we will work things out :)


This is the first step to our project, we ask of you to be patient with us!

Thank you for your time, hopefully i will have attracted some players!

>RC|Sard ~~~~ High Admin of The Renegade Clan