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13-08-2014, 01:39
Hey ho,

When I search for a map, it happens that it shows me results on more pages. When I click to see 2nd page of the list, TB shows 2nd page of global maplist (the list when you dont search anything in maplist)... so I cant see more than 1 page of results when I search a map.:crying::crying::crying:

16-08-2014, 13:38
Hey WuTang,

you're right. I could re-create this issue. It's a very silly bug. Fortunately I could create a temporary fix for it on a page where I have access to the code. Unfortunately this still needs to be pushed out to live and I need to notify Paul about that.

Thanks for reporting this issue. Keep doing so. :)


16-08-2014, 20:53

Files are now pushed to the live et.trackbase.net page.
The problem you stated above should be fixed. Please play around with that and confirm that here, thanks:)


17-08-2014, 01:23
GJ! Seems Fixed. :D