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9-06-2014, 15:56
FarCry is an 10 years old game! Create by Ubisoft and Crytek 2004! In his time FarCry was the best game ever, with super nice graphics, and gameplay!
There was create many things for FarCry, from the old eXcaliTrone 1, 2, 3, 4! to a ServerSideMode like XASSM.
ESL and ClanBase was playing FarCry too! Many years ago, with many good players.

FarCry is an easy to play game! there are 3 gamemodes(Assault, Ffa and Tdm), the most played and the best mode is ASSAULT.
FFA: FFA is an All vs All mode, all play vs all! The player with the most kills wins, there are no rules, theres only fun!
TDM: TDM is like FFA, but you play in teams, two teams(Blue/Red) plays some 20 minutes(normaly) and the team with the most score is the winner team.
ASSAULT: Assault is the most played mode, this mode exists only in FarCry.
There are two teams, blue and red, one of them plays defense and one of them play attack.
There are normaly 3 flags in one map, some player of the attacker team needs to touch the flag and holt the active flag for 6 seconds, before the flag is captured. If the 1r flag is captured, you have to capture the next flag.
The defense team needs to defense the flag during the match! they have helping Buildable objects like(Towers, walls, machineguns, bunkers, etc) for can defense the flag, if they lose the flag, then defense the next flag! :P

In FFA and TDM you need to search your weapons in the map!, is you respawn, you don't have weapons!(Search!)
In ASSAULT there are 3 characters, you can choose: Gunner, Engineer or Sniper!
Gunner: You can choose many weapons, but you can choose only 4 at final! Exemple: 1rWeapon: Knife, 2nWeapon: Falcon, 3rWeapon: AG36, 4thWeapon: M249.
Engineer: you have not soo many choose weapons, but already better than sniper. Exemple: 1rWeapon: Falcon, 2nWeapon: M4, 3rTool: Medic(or Bombs), 4thWeapon: Wrench(For can build buildable objects!).
Sniper: Theres no soo many, you can choose only 3 weapons! You can choose for exemple Sniper or Rocket Launcher(Rockets are on the most servers inactive!). Exemple: Knife/Shocker, Falcon/M5, Sniper/RocketLauncher.

There are many secrets in FarCry! :bandit:
The most players doesn't know that thery exist more patches! 1.33, 1.40 and 1.60!
1.33: 1.33 is the original create patch by Crytek! The weapon balance and the features was better than on the older versions!
1.40: Nice features, but very low and bad Weapon Balance!(With ServerSideModes are there more regular!)
1.60: Nice features, nice weapons and balances! And an super AntiCheat!

The most played patch is 1.40! its the last official patch by Ubisoft/Crytek! and the most played.
If Tournaments or matches, than Patch 1.60 is the most played, the AntiCheat do is possible to play FarCry without thinking(He cheat, she cheat, etc!)
If Old Players and old Stars, than they play some matches on 1.33! the most original and famous patch ever! They loved them really! :love:

Please that some one helped the small infos about the GamePlay and the Patches, and will play FarCry sometime!
If questions, than ask!

Kr!eger :P