View Full Version : *RD*RubberDucks / [TB]TrackBase FarCry SummerCup 2014

30-05-2014, 17:29
*RD*RubberDucks / [TB]TrackBase SummerCup 2014

The *RD*/[TB] Clan organize an FarCry FFA Tournament. Already we search Players who want to participate. If you are one of them, than visit our Forums and write an post. We will answer you!
Contact over: *RD* Forum (http://rd-clan.net/forum/) and [TB]TrackBase (http://forum.trackbase.net/forums/43-Farcry)

Tournament Start: 30.06.2014
Tournament Map: mp_radio
FarCry Patch: Patch 1.40 Official
FarCry Mode: FFA
Match Wars: All vs All
Match Time: 10 min
Match Server: withfun.de - rd-clan.net - LAN - 1.4 |LR|
Play Times: 19:00 CEST

1r Winner (Price): 500 TrackBase Points
2n Winner (Price): 300 TrackBase Points
3r Winner (Price): 200 TrackBase Points

All infos here (http://rd-clan.net/viewpage.php?page_id=7)