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28-05-2014, 16:24
Hi Guys!
At the moment some of us have some problems with connection to Ubisoft(LOGIN) you too?
If the players saw it, there exist atm some LAN servers in farcry!

These servers are connectable via Command!
How to connect?
Its easy! With some steps:
1. Open your FarCry 1.4(UBI Login not Needed).
2. Open console with '~' or '^' key on your KeyBoard.
3. Type '\connect (ServerIP: Port)'
Exemple '\connect' [*RD*-Clan Server]

Info: Servers marked with |LR| are LastResistance servers. These servers are in cooperation for get alive FC after the death, soo in the future players can play there.

We see us ingame!
Peace! :rightful:

18-08-2014, 10:48
Hey, there!
I re-installed my FC and your solution doesn't work for me :(
I tried to connect to (*NEW*FPFC.eu Server - Assault 1.4 #2).
And one more question. Where can I find the |LR|? Only "www.farcry.su LAN 1.4 |LR|" server (I tried to connect too) has it in its name. But others?

19-08-2014, 18:34
Hmmm, the normal servers like FPFC servers are working over UBISoft, soo you cannot connect to them without any ubi login.

The only server AT THE MOMENT online in LastResistance 1.4 is the farcry.su server.

we keep the information page online, here: http://rd-clan.net/viewpage.php?page_id=2

In information you can see with pictures how this stuff works and how you can connect, and in Servers you can find the needed server IP's

My server is offline at the moment, my server was used as main server of this all, but I was 4 weeks offline soo it shut down in the last weeks, its in use for some Script test(my own scripts)

-- Edit: Connecting into No LAN(I-Net) Servers is not possible, the servers are in connect with ubisoft, only The LR servers who are only visible in TrackBase(not in FARCRY) are connectable servers who we know!

Good Luke!

19-08-2014, 18:55
Thank you for the answer.
Do you know if the connection problem can be fixed? (I mean UBI login error.)
Why somebody can connect and play on any server and somebody can't? Ubisoft ended a support or what?

EDIT: I tried the farcry.su LAN 1.4 |LR| server again and can't connect on it neither...

19-08-2014, 19:45
The UBIsoft systems are online! I have a new Inet Provider in Mallorca(I change home) and i can play perfectly in UBI servers.

Ubi is online and the support already is online, but we don't know for how much time!
but ATM its online and all the people can play FARCRY.

A player names Foto haved the same problem, try to do the connecting commando as KeyBind!
Exemple(not tested!): Input:BindCommandToKey("\\connect","F5","");

Have fun!

19-08-2014, 20:34
KeyBind works (is OK) but connection don't (still the same error)...
Anyway, thx.

19-08-2014, 22:38
What error message comes if you try to connect?
You Say : but connection don't (still the same error)...
What error message gives you FarCry?


19-08-2014, 23:15
Error message after trying to connect: "Connection failed".

21-08-2014, 18:30
incredible, its very difficuld to know now whats happening there, all will be easier if a special patch existen for that(im working on that)...

If you cannot connect into a LAN or UBI server than it seems like that your FarCry don't have connection to the WWW.

Can fix it:
1. Try to launch your FarCry as Administrador!
2. Try to launch your FarCry in Compatibility Mode(Windows XP Service Pack 3)
2. or try Point 1 and 2 in the same time!


21-08-2014, 20:34
Ohh, hooo...
As I was reading your idea about connection to the WWW, I realized that I forgot set up my firewall properly, OMG!
Thank you for this idea. All is working alright now.
Cheers, Jelda.

22-08-2014, 22:32
did you can connect into LR(LastResistance) servers now too?
If you can connect into the farcry.su LR server, than welcome playing FC without ubisofts terror controle ;)
You are playing in the Resistance.


24-08-2014, 11:01
Yes, it works too.

14-01-2015, 14:34
Hello Dear support trackbase.
Help solve the problem:
( : RnT : ) Clan server 1.4 ( is listed UBI servers, and the list trackbase (http://farcry.trackbase.net/index.php?mod=serverinfo&idx=852) writes that the server: DOWN. Although yesterday was howling all right.

14-01-2015, 20:47
The problem was solved.

13-01-2018, 12:54
Hello. the tracker for FarCry no longer shows results for several days
. can you repair?
Thank you

9-03-2018, 14:27
Helló szeretnék egy szerverhez csatlakozni . adtok egy müködő IP cimet?
Hello, you want to join a server. do you give a working IP address?

1-07-2018, 15:14
Как с вами поиграть, как узнать ip адреса серверов, очень хочется поиграть?
How to play with us? I don't know ip adress many servers? How to know this ip?

18-07-2019, 11:22
KeyBind works (is OK) but connection don't (still the same error)...
Anyway, thx.

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