View Full Version : Somebody use my name or stole it

30-04-2014, 13:16
Today I play on FA server jay-1 and I stop it. I have already reserve my name on TB (Piotr) http://et.trackbase.net/player/25705/ but I see that somebody plays later (name is same as mine) and TB shows that I am playing but I don't do this. Someone will explain me?

30-04-2014, 18:25
We're tracking playeNAMES and not playerIDs. So trackbase is simply scanning all servers. If a player with the name 'Piotr' is online (actually a name which is not the most unique), TB will then show this name as 'PLAYING ON server XYZ' and currently active. So it could always be that someone somehow creates a playername which is equal to yours and will play with it online. If that's the case, you should enable playlock which makes sessions to not be rated, so the other one with your name can not do any real damage to your name. However, there's no solution to the problem with unique Player IDs which means the other player will affect some extra sessions added to your playername. But as I said, you can identify yourself by disabling the playlock whilst playing on a server.

If there's any more questions to that or you didn't understand something, please reply back here.:)