View Full Version : |FBI|scrim tournament

28-09-2013, 22:49
|FBI|clan is holding a scrim tournament on our etpro server.
the date of the tournament is on the sixth of october at 6 pm (1 pm english time). if you are up for it then you'll need a team of six or twelve depending on how many teams/players there will be so drop by www.fbi-clans.net and put your names/teams down or to find out more about it as we have a more detailed post about it there.

|FBI|clan has a team full of girls, currently four at the moment with one on the maybe list. we are in need of more players so if you are interested then drop me a message or drop by our forum :)


29-09-2013, 06:36
registrations are open till 2day NIGHT!!!!!!!!!