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30-03-2013, 10:48
Like the title says, I've a request to make.

But before I make the request, I have to explain some basic things.
My clan ( http://www.controlled-gaming.info/ ), is known on Trackbase as a rating clan.
So once in a while we get guys that are applying at our clan for our rate section.
Some are good, some are fakers, some are just bad. We always ask them to give us their old nicknames, clans AND trackbase link.
In that link you can see the ID of the nickname. I usually copy-pasted that in ' http://forum.trackbase.net/search.php '.
By doing that I could see what he/she posted on trackbase forum. I could also check how many times they requested rate transfer, and I could check what names they transferred, not perfectly. => Because you have to combine it with some logical thinking and searching names. But most of the time it worked.
(know that most don't start again from rating 0 for what I've seen/tracked down)

So for example an annoying little basterd who has high rate, transfers his name to one we don't know about.
After weeks playing with that name he comes to apply at us and tells us his old nicknames are 'xxx', 'bbb',... but he won't mention that name, as we know him as a little basterd . I ask him his Trackbase link. And check who he is/was.
I see he asked for transfer rating from 'a to b' (as example...). And notice it's the little basterd.
=> refuse him.

Now, I can't do this anymore. Which you guys can obviously reply: "That's to bad".
But that's why I'm requesting a 'Feature Request'

I know this will probably be a little bit to much to ask, but for as far as I know asking can't hurt...
Is it possible to make a list that's attached on everyone's Trackbase profile ( pofile example: http://forum.trackbase.net/members/95-HellfiG )
To see which names he/she has reserved (in the past)? I know this list can be enormous big with some people.
So perhaps make a list (that auto-updates itself, easy with MySQL and php) out of 10 last reserved names?

Like I've said before: this can be handy for 'tracking down players'. I'm sure there are other clans, who will want to use this too.



31-03-2013, 06:37

31-03-2013, 09:34
This is possible.
This is violating against privacy, if some users do not want to share their last names. I can understand their mind, and if they don't want they won't share their last playernames.

Paul will be back today/tomorrow, in my eyes we can make it maybe like this:
A user needs to set a setting in their settings which allows a specific user / all users (dont know yet) to view their last 3-5 (dky) transfers.
The user can allow or reject this setting.

So you guys from the clans could then say, set this setting for an hour to allow, we will see your last names, then we can approve your joining otherwise we can not give you any chance to be in our clan.

Don't know if that's a good idea, feedback would be good. Will tell that Paul when he's coming home & will hear his opinion about this.


31-03-2013, 12:55
I've had some problems with 'Violating privacy rules' a couple of days ago myself for programming something with PHP and MySQL.
So yeah, I know that can be a pain in the ass.

But sharing reserved names, isn't much privacy...
If they be friend with you, you can check which names they have reserved at that very moment.
Meaning: I don't believe this would violate the privacy policies. UNLESS it's your (Trackbase's) privacy policy?

Anyway, I agree with your solution if mine is a violation within the rules of Trackbase.
And thanks for the fast positive reply. I'm curious what Paul is going to day about this.



31-03-2013, 13:34
Is there a reason, other than they have something to hide, that players would not want to share their previous aka's?
We are not talking international espionage here, just players names in ET!

31-03-2013, 13:55
I don't know all the reasons, but some like when they've been in a clan in which a cheater got caught or sth, then they may shame on their name and don't want to let all see they've been in such a clan.
And it's their playernames, so if they don't want to share the name, we won't (like said) because we want to follow the users opinion. So if we will do sth like that, we will do it probably with some request.

31-03-2013, 16:47
Was there privacy when PBBan admins were able to trace every known name, IP. and GUID you ever used? this is 2013 et. this is not the first time someone made a website with that kind of info.