View Full Version : How to get @SLAC working

9-12-2010, 10:18
Okey, i started playing on @SLAC servers and people ask me what is SLAC.

SLAC is a 3rd party anticheat for W:ET. It is currently compatible ONLY with ET 2.60b and
ETPro 3.2.6 and is primarily an anticheat for clan matches and public ETPro servers.

Then they ask me where can i get @SLAC.
Well first you must download the @SLAC program: here (http://www.sl-anticheat.com/slac.rar)
Then you must register on @SLAC site to get an account: here (http://www.sl-anticheat.com/register.php)
When you will try to login in SLAC program whit your account you made on
the site you will get an message that says something similar to this:

hadnt except EUlLLA

Well you must go back on SLAC site : here (http://www.sl-anticheat.com/) and login whit your account.
When you login to the site it will open you an EUILLA Form.
Accept the form and go on the program, you will have to direct SLAC to
your ET.exe ( know that the ET must be v 2.60b ).

SLAC updates itself so you dont need to update the program.

Thanks, Sadgasm