View Full Version : Clan page problem

Ortiran (Sapphire)
15-09-2012, 04:56
Hi, I can't seem to log in to edit my clan settings for some reason. Gives me to option to enter password to log in and change clan settings, I enter the correct password and it just doesn't log in even though it says logged in successfully it doesn't let me change anything. Can someone look into this.

Name: GoGoSapphireRanger
Clantag: GoGo

15-09-2012, 09:57
Hm, you're not the leader, so i can't set you to owner.
but i guess i have heard of this problem once already.
Will report it, sorry but can't do anything yet, need to wait for paul......

15-09-2012, 21:58
yeah that problem still present ..for some reason
thought it was fixed for good .