View Full Version : Game code ( ui_mp_x86.dll ) failed Pure Server Check Error[FIXED]READ HERE!

11-07-2012, 11:18
Hello, noticed that many players got this problem with their ET's, so im just copying this easy toturial which ive posted also on my clan forums, in hope that it would help people.

Hello, if you have ever expirienced this problem 99% is that you are running vista or windows 7 on your PC, the only and the easyest way to fix this error is simply to run your Enemy Territory as admininistrator, and you can do that by doing this:


Right click on Enemy Terrritory icon>Run As Administrator, like shown in the picture, and thats it! You shoudnt be expiriencing that error anymore.


And then to make your life easyer, just open console and write


And you will be connected on AxE server!

11-07-2012, 12:12
Thanks mate, I had that problem with one server. Finally solved!

Pro tutorial, so simple :D.

17-07-2012, 14:26
haha, np m8