View Full Version : Double jump.

5-05-2012, 22:25
I understand that there are many walljumpers because of double jump, but I think removing it isn't the right solution.
I use double jump to build up speed while running, and I seriously can't play without it.
I think people who walljump should just be punnished, like a ban for a few hours.
Otherwise, many people like me will leave this server because they don't like to play without walljump.

5-05-2012, 22:43

what server are you on about?

6-05-2012, 09:40
IMO just use one and half jump if u are server admin :P

6-05-2012, 13:54
I was just on the normal FranceclanWood server.
Yesterday night it was single jump, but now it's double jump again :P
Btw, it just crashed and I can't see it in the server list anymore?

team-ingolf Galaxy
6-05-2012, 14:58
u have to tell that to the server admin and not to trackbase.

also, i guess there plenty of servers who have doublejump and pretty good settings. but u could also get used to single (normal) jump, since that is the way et is made for.

6-05-2012, 15:09
u have to tell that to the server admin and not to trackbase.

wood is known for chaning the settings every day to another..
so you never know how you can play, i prefer servers which got stable settings,

but you also just can train a bit trick jump and you'll be pro with one jump too;)