Hello raters, players and all other people which I forget,

After all the problems that have been coming up we decided to retry to make it possible to do better tracking.
Weeks have gone over with developing a new tracker which can connect to a server and fetch additional playerstats.
We are currently still testing this new system, but it is almost ready for a full-scale test. With this new system we're able to read out the following (extra) data:
Weapon (total) stats => HITS, SHOTS, KILLS, DEATHS & HEADSHOTS
XP => Per skill: Battle sense, light weapons, heavy weapons, medic, engineer, field ops, covert ops & soldier
Damage => Damage given, Damage received & Team damage

Since we like our community so much, we decided to take this to a public discussion. What needs to be discussed is which value will replace the "XP", in this discussion it's NOT needed to take factors as how many + or - rate and map length etc. Just talk about the new "total point value" for a map.

The old system will NOT stop running, but this new system will run at the same time, making a double ranking for the time being.

Any questions? Fire ahead!

Kind Regards,

The Trackbase Team