Originally from the MLB_Egypt_fixed the file was missing source files and the script was modified for =F|A= so they would have a clean map. This submission is to get the rank on the map. I take no credit for building it but I did modify the source files and script to make the server have less problems with congestion in the log files and to remove server/client side lag.

This probably wont be my last fix cause I have been away many years just recently decided to step up my presence in ET world to help keep it alive. Included is the fixed pk3 and the way files for omnibot if you don't feel like making new ones.

Tried to attach it to this post apparently I have no authority to do so here or I don't know if Im doing it right. This is from my pc on google drive. All the files on this drive are public there is other stuff just recently added unrelated. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8...3hfOTd1NU8zUVk

And JoNny will get to the dev part in a few days haven't had time and will let you know if I can make a extension or a system app soon sorry for the wait it happens in RL sometimes.

Have good day