Hello there community,

I'm writing this topic to announce that TrackBase will no longer be supporting rating for the silEnT Mod 0.8.2 mod version.
This means that servers running that version will still be visible on TrackBase and sessions will be stored in our databases. But those sessions won't be ranked in the future anymore.

To all the server admins: There's a download on TrackBase where you can get the mod. You may also check the relevant news item to see the changes of silEnT mod version 0.9.0 (current).

To all players playing on a server which is running silEnT mod 0.8.2, please contact the server owner or clan members and tell them to update their server mod to the latest version (silEnT 0.9.0). This way you guys can still rate without having to visit other servers running the newest mod version.

Thank you everyone for your understanding.

P.S.: The mod rating will be disabled between 1 PM and 4 PM UTC on the upcoming Saturday, 25th of June.